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Our Services

It is the policy of the Shafer Center for Crisis Intervention to provide all services without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, handicap, age, or sexual orientation.

24/7 Support

  • We provide a 24-hour help and support line staffed with trained professionals and volunteers.

  • We provide 24-hour First Responders for victims of sexual assault and rape at local hospitals.


  • We provide referrals for local community resources and services based on individual needs.


  • We provide assistance with filling out the Victim's Compensation forms (government funding/reimbursement for lost wages, relocation costs, medical care, etc.).

Counceling Services

  • We provide support, advocacy, counseling, and resources for survivors of sexual assault and co-victims​

  • We provide support groups for survivors of sexual assault, suicide, and homicide.


  • We provide community education services and bystander training for violence prevention. 

  • We provide education and assistance to understand the Victim Bill of Rights.​

  • We provide education on state laws and regulations regarding the crime you have been impacted by.


  • We provide accompaniment services to support you during court proceedings.

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