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Campus Sexual Assault

The universities and colleges in our service pride themselves on being a student-centered community in a welcoming environment that values a community of social responsibility; we are here to help. The Shafer Center began Green Dot training (Bystander Intervention training) before the state of Mississippi started Green Dot roughly five years ago. This training can be done in either 4hr or 2-hour segments and has been given to college classes, clubs, groups, organizations, police training, faculty, staff, etc. The training focuses on bystander intervention and creates awareness of one’s actions. To schedule this training, or get more information about Green Dot Training, send us an email or click on the Our Services tab at the top of the page. 

Is This Really a Problem?

Yes! Statistics show that 1 in 4 undergraduate women and 1 and 6 men will be sexually assaulted by the time they graduate from college. Suggested research from the documentary, The Hunting Ground states that 90% of sexual assaults are committed by serial rapists, comprising roughly six rapes/sexually violent encounters or more (2015).

Sexual assault, sexual violence, and sexual harassment violate one’s sense of self and can also affect your physical, emotional, and psychological well-being. Sexual assault/sexual violence is most likely to occur during your first year, specifically during your fall semester (applicable for all fall semesters, no matter what year).

What is Being Done About This?

How Do I Report Sexual Assault

You can report campus sexual assault directly to:

Title IX Coordinator Phone Numbers:

USM: (601) 266-6804 and (601) 266-4466

PRCC Forrest County: (601) 483-1813

JCJC: (601) 477-2673 

WCU: (601) 318-6433

Campus Police:

USM: (601) 266-4986

PRCC Forrest County: (601) 554-5513

JCJC: (601) 477-4006

WCU: (601) 318-6300 

The Shafer Center Crisis Line:

(601) 264-7777

Español: (833) 981-1414

Language line assistance available for any other language

University of Southern Mississippi: 

Click Here to fill out the form directly from USM's website. 

Title IX Information 

Jones County Junior College:

Title IX Information

Pearl River Community College 

Title IX Information

William Carey University

Title IX Information


Don't Want to Call?

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